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Architects Create the Optimum Learning Space

When you walk into the Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, you’ll immediately appreciate the gentle wash of natural light that passes through the inspired building.

The recent addition to the historic campus is a collaborative effort between architects John Dobbs & Associates of Halifax and Shore, Tribe, Irwin & Partners of Toronto. This team achieved a seamless combination of aesthetics and function, creating the optimum learning space for the acclaimed Canadian university.

Modern, environmentally-friendly design, awash in perfect natural light, makes the Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building a favourite space for students to learn, study and hangout.

The building is comprised of classrooms, offices, as well as a state-of-the-art 5 storey atrium. The challenge was to maximize natural light in all spaces without compromising energy efficiency, style and design.

“We sought out to create a smart, energy efficient and comfortable building that reduced lighting costs by up to 50%,” says Allan MacMillian, R&D Supervisor, Advanced Glazings Ltd.  “Students spend hours in this building. Natural light has many physical and mental health benefits, which help students and staff focus and work more efficiently.”

Combining Advanced Glazings Ltd.’s Solera T-R5 glazing with ordinary vision glass, resulted in a cloud of perfect natural light, which adds clarity and beauty to the interiors while enhancing functionality.  

Although the quality of the space is evident to anyone who experiences it, the ultimate compliment comes from the users. When asked why they prefer studying in the Rowe building, Dalhousie students shared:

“It feels like I’m not really in a building for 6 hours writing a paper. You get all this natural light and it feels like you’re not in a closed space, but you’re sitting outside the whole day. I definitely push myself to do more work here,” says Emma Conrad, 3rd year Management major.

“I’m completely fine in my end-of-the-day 3-hour class in the Rowe building but will often dose off in a midday class at another location,” says Allie Reed, 2nd year Biology major.

“I don’t know why but I’ve always liked studying here, I’m not even a management student, but I like the vibe of the building. It’s really bright here and I think it affects my mood,” says Logan Meeks, 3rd year Arts major.

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Coined as the Dance Destination of choice in Montreal and Quebec,
Espace danse has it all: beauty, grace, sustainability, and functionality.

As any seasoned Architect will attest to, a complete retrofit is no easy challenge to pull off.
One of the main focus points of Robert LaPointe (Lapointe,Magne & associés) in this undertaking was sustainability and true daylight harvesting.

Using Advanced Glazings Ltd’s SOLERA ® to get real Daylighting benefits, the SOLERA ® T-R5 was an essential tool used to wash the interiors with a cloud of perfect natural light, transforming the Wilder project into one of Canada’s most beautiful buildings.
Located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Espace danse has a unique history and relevance to modern sustainability and Upcycling (creative re-use) principles that may surprise you!

Originally built around 1918, the Wilder building was unoccupied for over 10 years, yet around 2012 a plan was envisioned for it to undergo major renovations and become an artistic hub bringing together many cultural organizations under one roof.

Determined to provide an international showcase for the incredible vitality of Montreal, Quebec and Canadian dance.

Espace danse has become the dance destination of choice in Montreal and Quebec, a complex unlike any other in Canada, offering a host of new services to dance professionals and the general public.

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Solera makes appearance at Big 5 Trade Show Dubai Trade Centre

Solera glazing units being displayed at Big 5 trade show.big5Tradeshow


Advanced Glazings Ltd. makers of Solera glazing units are pleased to be part of the largest construction exhibition in the Middle East, The Big 5. Last year’s show completely sold out with a whopping 81,401 participants and 2,801 exhibitors from 61 countries.

The show has been attracting construction experts from all over the world for over 30 years, with over 30,000 products to choose from and over 2800 manufacturers and distributors to answer your questions.

Advanced Glazings Ltd. will be displaying Solera glazing units at the Big 5 trade show until tomorrow November 26th, 2015 when the trade show closes. Visit to check our Solera product line.


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Meet the newest member to the Advanced Glazings Team – Terri-Lynn Stirrett


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Watch live as the Sacramento Kings ESC is built!!

Advanced Glazings Ltd. makers of Solera glazings units are excited to be part of the new Sacramento Kings ESC. The arena will house the Sacramento Kings NBA team as well as a variety of exciting events including but not limited to other sporting events and concerts. The Sacramento Kings Organization gives you the opportunity to watch the building being constructed live by visiting the link below! We will be keeping our eye on the live feed in hopes of catching the installation of our own Solera units.

See below renderings of the Arena and keep up with the action by following @SacramentoKings on twitter. KinsArena                                                                                          kings-lobby

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Have you ever wondered translucent, channel or frit when choosing glass?

 ARC-04-404-INT (3)Our Director of Sustainable Design, Sam Missimer recently commented on this topic for  NZB-Net Zero Building Magazine. The article is a must read for anyone working in lighting, architecture, or glazing, who is interested in learning more about the evolving world of daylighting in building design and construction.  Sam says, “I think most significant advance is the emergence of high-performance translucents as a strategic part of the envelope”. To find out why he feels this way, check out the article at:

Photo Above, Muse De Ponce, Puerto Rico – a naturally daylighted art museum, using Solera Translucent Glazings .

Finally, we’d like to send a big thank you to the publishers of Net Zero Buildings Magazine for allowing Sam to weigh in on the issue.

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How daylighting can go wrong in sports facilities….

Here at Advanced Glazings Ltd. we take our hockey very seriously!

We have many fans on staff as well as devoted “Hockey” parents who spend their weekends in arenas. On one of those weekends, a staff member snapped the picture below (caption – arena with vision glass) , capturing the effects of direct beam sunlight on the ice surface and surrounding space when clear vision glass is used to daylight a facility.  The photo captures the hot spots created on the ice surface, seating and overall light levels in the sports facility.



Arena with vision glass windows.


In comparison the photo below contains Solera Glazing units,  notice how deep the natural daylight penetrates into the space.  Note the absence of hot spots and glare.  There is enough natural daylight illuminating the space that one could skate with the lights off!  This arena possess and open and inviting atmosphere where athletes and spectators are welcomed by the glow of natural light.


Arena with Solera glazings units.

Which arena would you want  to play or watch a game in?

Greenbuild Group

Robert Kartes, Regional Manager; Michelle Milburn, General Manager; Sam Missimer, Director of Sustainable Design; Bob Silverstein, Sales Manager

This event saw the premier of new Solera presentations on: Maximizing Envelope Performance for Net-Zero Design, Daylighting Metrics for Designers and Facade Solutions for Energy Code Retrofits. 

Following two days of seminars and presentations in the Solera Daylighting Theater on the Greenbuild Expo floor, Solera treated existing customers, industry partners, and new friends of real daylighting solutions to a private party featuring a special performance by Mardi Gras Indians, The WILD MAGNOLIAS.

 For full information on how you can bring the power of real daylighting and energy problem solving to your team, your projects, and your customers, please contact:


 In celebration of Greenbuild being held in the cradle of American Jazz and Music, New Orleans, this year’s party is a very special private concert by New Orlean’s own Mardi Gras Indian Tribe, The Wild Magnolias.

 The Wild Magnolias are part of the fabric of New Orlean’s unique and rich culture. The have performed at every one of the city’s famous Jazz and Heritage Festivals. The Wild Magnolias have taken the Mardi Gra Indian experience around the world, including stops at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and Big Chief, Bo Dollis was the recipient of the 2011 National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow Award.

 Please stop by and see us at Greenbuild Booth 713 to pick up your invitation.

If you would like to schedule our award-winning Lunch and Learn on Daylighting and Total Envelope Performance so your firm can join the industry leaders who designing with Solera to bring engineered daylighting and total envelope energy performance advances to their clients, please call us at 902-794-2899.


See you in New Orleans!

Advanced Glazings Ltd. is excited to introduce the newest members of our AGL Team:  James Satterwhite, VP of Global Business Development and Bob Silverstein, Sales Manager.

  Both bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and are excited at the opportunity to engage our valued clients .

    James Satterwhite


Bob Silverstein



We hope to see you at Greenbuild this year in New Orleans. We will be hosing our Second Annual Solera Greenbuild Party with our special guests, The Wild Magnolias performing. Be sure to pop by booth number 713 to meet our AGL team and get your invitation to the party.

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