Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | November 20, 2009

Launch of Solera+Nanogel Insulation

Our revolutionary new technology, which allows the same insulation value as that of a solid wall while still admitting natural daylight, will be introduced at Greenbuild 2009!

With our new line of our Solera®daylighting, Solera+Nanogel, we are giving architects and engineers the ability to design buildings with extensive glass exteriors that have an insulation value up from a traditional R-2 to an unprecedented R-17 while still admitting natural daylight.

Solera, a double-glazed translucent insulated glass unit that is designed to fit into standard curtain-wall or window-systems, blends seamlessly with clear glass panels. Every pane is custom engineered to diffuse daylight specifically to the needs of each individual application. Using a combination of glass fiber veils acting as a prism and honeycomb cells designed to eliminate air convection, Solera not only converts harsh daylight into soft, museum quality light without shadows and glare, but it offers excellent thermal and sound insulation. The standard line of products provides an R value range from R2 through R5 without having to triple or quadruple glaze. With the introduction of Nanogel into the honeycomb cells, the insulation value of the glass panel is increased up to a center of glass R-17, making it the highest thermally-insulated glass unit in the world. This is near to the value of an insulated solid wall yet it still admits full spectrum natural daylight into a building.  Designers can now take advantage of all the benefits daylighting creates for health, productivity and education while at the same time greatly reducing energy bills for HVAC and lighting. The ability to insulate a glass building with an R value of up to 17 has never before been possible and offers huge potential for design, energy efficiency and quality of life.

Made from just glass, acrylic, and aluminum, Solera is recyclable by weight while Nanogel is environmentally friendly, perennially reusable and both are widely specified as an essential component of daylighting in many LEED certified projects. Nanogel is also a Silver Cradle to Cradle Certified material. This stringent independent certification process by MBDC examines a product’s manufacturing characteristics, its ecological impact and recyclability.  The aim is to eliminate waste entirely and to create a healthy and sustainable society.

Please come and meet Advanced Glazings Ltd at Cabot Aerogel’s booth # 546 at the Greenbuild Expo to learn more about this remarkable energy efficient innovation and to see a live demonstration.  If you can’t make the show, contact us at 1-888-452-0464 or for more information.


  1. I am very interested in your products

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