Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | May 6, 2010

Meet Advanced Glazing’s Vice President, Architectural Products

FOOTErAvi Bar, LEED AP graduated from the University of London with an Honors degree in Economics, with a primary focus on Environmental Economics.  Upon completion of his studies, he worked for a number of years in the technology and financial markets before deciding  to pursue his true passion, Green Buildings.  He spent five years at a leading design / development building integration photovoltaic company, where he served as Vice -President of Business Development.  In 2006, Avi became a LEED AP and later that year joined Advanced Glazings as an Architectural Products Consultant responsible for New York Metro and state territory.  In September 2007, Avi was promoted to Director of Marketing at Advanced Glazings and later that year appointed Vice-President , Architectural Products.

Avi was awarded  “Top 20 under 40” by the National Glass Organization in 2007 and has written and published a number of green articles in major trade journals.

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