Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | December 3, 2010


We are proud to announce that David Norris of Carpenter Norris Consulting Inc. is the winner of the Solera+Nanogel iPad contest! We are humbled by all of those who chose to help us “Push the Envelope” by sharing their innovative comments. The panel of judges had a very hard task choosing a winner. We thank everyone who helped make GreenBuild a success this year.

To view the movie and comments click here. (We still welcome your comments and thoughts)

David Norris-

The Advanced Glazing product is the best performing nanogel out there right now. Its interior honeycomb prevents nano settling. The T-shaped unit that allows installation in a conventional (dbl glazed depth) curtainwall is clever. AG also offers big panels which makes it much more energy efficient and cost effective than smaller dimensioned competitive nanos where frame losses are significantly higher. Two suggestions for pushing the envelope:

1. If you integrated the structural strength of the frame with that of the a rigid honeycomb you should be able to match the max size of glass sheet product out there. With a jumbo nano panel you can reduce to a minimum frame area, the main source of curtainwall heat loss.

2. For all of AG’s trumpeting, the perceptible light you get from the nano panel is uniform and unchanging no matter the sun’s position or intensity. As a matter of daylight quality – visible intensity, time, climate and solar data – it’s dead. But you could selectively remove honeycomb + nano area to allow, within the panel, view and direct solar. You could also leave the honeycomb in place and selectively remove the nano. This would deliver better light penetration and redirection, low between the glass convection and good shading and reasonable glare control.

In either case, the cellular nature of the honeycomb would allow selective honeycomb removals to be freeform, which architects would love.

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