Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | August 30, 2011

Solera+Lumira(tm) aerogel featured in two US Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon projects.

The United States Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition comes to the Mall in Washington DC, on September 23rd through October 1st. This juried event challenges the leading design schools and their student teams to create innovative, energy efficient dwellings utilizing the best available materials, techniques and concepts.

Advanced Glazings Limmited, was pleased to be contacted by two of the 20 teams who wanted to explore the combination of engineered daylighting and superior envelope performance offered by Solera+Lumira aerogel. After meeting with the teams from New York and New Jersey, Advanced Glazings (Solera) joined both projects as team sponsors, meeting with students and supporting their innovative designs.


The City College team ( , representing the State of New York, worked with AGL’s VP of Architectural Products to integrate Solera Plus Lumira into their ‘Roofpod’ entry. This modular design leverages existing rooftop urban space to create high-density options for the urban landscape. The ability to harness available space in crowded areas integrates with New York City’s 2030 Sustainability agenda, PlaNYC.


Team New Jersey (, a collaborative effort between the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University, chose to create a shore house concept called ‘eNJoy’. This entry utilizes prefabricated concrete and tilt-up construction to deliver a high-performance, zero-energy dwelling. Sam Missimer, AGL’s Architectural Daylighting Specialist worked with the team to model daylighting performance and fine-tune the optical Solera panels to reduce glare.


Advanced Glazings is honored to have the opportunity to work with and support the next generation of design professionals. We encourage you to visit with us and with all of the teams this month in Washington D.C.

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