Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | September 23, 2011

Solar Decathlon 2011 – update (09/22)

Yesterday marked the Congressional Reception and Judge’s Day prior to today’s opening of the 2011 Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont addressed the gathered Congressional Delegations in the opening ceremony.Sen. Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate’s Green Jobs Subcommittee, had this to say in his remarks  “For those who think solar power is something we will only begin to look to in the future, the Solar Decathlon shows that solar energy is ready today, and demonstrates how we can incorporate affordable solar energy into our home,”

Urs Gauchat, Dean of NJIT’s School of Archtecture is confident of the prospects for the Solera-enabled eNJoy house, a joint project of NJIT and Rutgers.

“We are at an interesting juncture. The design professions are emerging as a major force in business. In a world awash with manifesting capacity, it is difficult to make distinctions between competing products. Design is often the sole distinguishing characteristic between alternative solutions. Today’s design not only gives form but adds value.” says Gauchat.

Solera Plus Lumira ™ aerogel is used in a unique ‘perforated’ precast cement wall.

The 2011 Solar Decathlon is now open to the public and features not only 20 competition homes, but a variety of presentations, displays and refreshments. Free shuttles are available from the Smithsonian Metro Stop. Visit the mall and explore the future of sustainable design and meet the young designers who are leading the way forward.

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