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GreenBuild 2011

Welcome GreenBuild 2011.

We are pleased you chose to learn more about Solera and our innovative approach to daylighting and thermal glass envelope solutions.

You can find us at the South Building –Booth 6217S or at the  Cabot Corp booth-North Building- Booth 325N.

This year Advanced Glazings has opted to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the number of printed materials at GreenBuild. Instead we have published an online brochure below. If you have specific information requests you can always contact us at


Submit a comment below by telling us how designing with Solera can achieve sustainability goals in your next LEED project and enter to win the coolest way to get around town … the  “Tokyo Citizen Foldup Bike” . The winner will be announced on November 1st 2011.

 If you could  think of a sustainable way to get around town.. do it in style and function.

TOKYO Citizen Bike 16" 6-speed Folding Bike with Ultra-Portable Frame

Advanced Glazings supports and encourages the use of bicycles not only for personal use, but in corporate settings too. We are proud to have teamed up with Republic Bike to offer this year the TOKYO Citizen Bike. The TOKYO Citizen Bike is a small wheeled folding bike that is designed to be ultra-portable, for a compact and convenient package when folded.

Completely redesigned for 2011, the TOKYO Citizen Bike is a 16″ wheeled folding bike that is designed to be light and ultra-portable, for the most compact and convenient package when folded. Great for commuters, quick jaunts and riders going short distances, a 16″ folding bike is a great choice if you are looking for the most compact folded size.

This uniquely stylish, joyful folding bike will get you anywhere you need to go with the added possibilities of folding convenience – for travel, storage or simplicity. A Citizen Bike will fit your lifestyle. It’s a folding bike for going and being human.

Solera - Real Daylighting Solutions e-Brochure
Solera – Real Daylighting Solutions e-Brochure

Click below to view a short video on the makeup and properties of Solera.

(If you are having trouble viewing the video below click here)


Some Pictures of the fun at Greenbuild 2011

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  1. We often use Solera for daylight harvesting in classrooms and gyms in order to get an evenly distributed lightsource on any side of the building, at any time of day. It works excellent!

  2. Love the product only one question – Will it lower the brightness during the daytime?

    • Fiona, thank you for supporting Solera. You are correct that traditionally we want to lower the Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) when working with a wide angle (or excellent) light diffuser. The lower VLT of a Solera unit usually means higher ambient levels in your spaces. That is because the light is better distributed. For example instead of having 900 Foot-candles in 20% of the space (as a result of clear glass), it is preferred to have 100 Foot-candles in 75% of the space created by a diffusing glazing.

      The key item here is that you always need to model your space and optimize the diffusion and visual light transmittance to get ideal results. Advanced Glazings offers complimentary daylight simulations on all projects that we engage in, to ensure optimal lighting conditions. Therefore, you would daylight a northern elevation different to south or east or west, and a classroom differently to a gymnasium. There are no universal rules in daylighting.

  3. We would love to create an insulated light diffusing space for one of our homes. A large atrium/foyer space with a lot of direct sunlight would border on an entertainment or kitchen space. The separation between the foyer and entertainment space would make use of solera panels that provide insulation, and allow diffuse light to penetrate into the space. The almost fairy-tale light aura of diffused light would mingle in a light pallet of colours and materials that creates a welcoming and vibrant space equally suited to food preparation or hosting of guests for cocktails.

  4. Using Solara products for daylighting is ideal for many types of built environments. I can particularly see possible applications for LEED certified residential buildings – as the new daylighting calculations penalize overuse of daylighting. I think we have all seen the glass tower condo buildings where the occupants have to use interior shades all the time to control the glare and heat gain. Using a product that allows for a soft diffuse light with less heat gain would help solve this problem.

  5. Using Solera to bring light to the interior of a building can help reduce teh use of electrical lighting to contribute to energy efficiency

  6. I would use Solera to help bring natural light into a large public space. This would eliminate the need for lighting in the daytime and provide daylight that is even instead of bright or contrasty. This design decision would help to reduce the building’s energy consumption as well, both in lighting and HVAC loads.

  7. LEED The Way! We all spend most of the time indoors now and the divorce from natural light can be recaptured in walls and canopy /skylight without the blinds ruining it. The insulation value removes the guilt of heat loss. The diffused light also creates shadow-less lighting and big reductions in prime time energy usage. My ideal environment has always been a slight overcast sky where the eye is not strained, the colors are balanced, and calm. Solera is the closest to replicate this for a ceiling.

  8. I would like to use Solera in a diversity of projects, to optimise the energy performance of the enveloppe while providing tha maximum daylight with minimum glare. Among others, I’m thinking of an industrial building (a workshop) with high ceilings we are working on where we need to bring in a lot of light. Working with Solera products for skylights and windows would be just perfect!

  9. We used solera in a school project to increase the amount of daylighting in classrooms. The product was an easy choice given the thermal properties. The result exceeded expectations. The diffuse daylighting greatly enhances the spaces without the glare of typical glazing products.

    The development of the new Solera + Nanogel product with its impressive thermal performance makes specifing Solera even easier. I look forward to using it — to take advantage of that performance and for its aesthetics, but mostly for the dramatic effect good daylighting has on the users. Ultimately we build to provide the building users with quality spaces to live & work. Solera’s daylighting solutions can significantly contribute in meeting that goal. The LEEDs points associated with using daylighting solutions & optimizing energy performance are important considerations, but not as important as seeing the way users respond to the beauitiful diffuse daylight!

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