Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | August 24, 2012

3rd Quarter – iPad Giveaway Entries

Here are our first round of entries in our AGL Lunch and Learn iPad Giveaway for the 3rd Quarter, 2012.  Don’t forget, if you attend a Lunch and Learn Presentation between, July 16th & October 12th, 2012 you are eligible to enter.  A random winner will be announced on or before – Oct. 17th.

To enter: Prepare a sketch, drawing or rendering, of how  you might  incorporate a Solera® product into a building design.

To Submit: Upload your sketch in JPEG or PDF format to

Thank you to all those that have submitted entries and inspired us to daylight with Solera®!

Jim Davy, BWBr Architects

L. A. Bjornrud – Leo A. Daly

Michael Maloney – Legat Architects

Nick Mischo – AG Architecture

Yong Moua – ESG Architecture

David Woeltjen – Leo A Daly

David Woeltjen – Leo A Daly

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