Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | November 15, 2012

SWBR Architects & Advanced Glazings Showcase the benefits of Maximizing Building Envelope Performance at Greenbuild 2012

San Francisco,Greenbuild Expo 2012,  2012.11.14 –

SWBR Architects & Advanced Glazings showcased the benefits of “Beyond LEED Platinum, Fine tuning your Building Envelop Performance” at Greenbuild 2012 Booth 1913S.


As a guest speaker, Mark Maddalina, from SWBR Architects shared, “You have to squeeze the building envelope performance to get it to it’s maximum, before you consider photo voltaics.” In designing the RIT  Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Mark explained:  we needed wall performance, but we really needed daylighting.  So we went with SOLERA R18.  SOLERA was the best investment for the best performance.”

Please join us at Advanced Glazings, Greenbuild Booth,  1913S on Thursday, November 16th for further case studies and exhibits.

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