Posted by: Advanced Glazings Ltd. | March 15, 2018


Coined as the Dance Destination of choice in Montreal and Quebec,
Espace danse has it all: beauty, grace, sustainability, and functionality.

As any seasoned Architect will attest to, a complete retrofit is no easy challenge to pull off.
One of the main focus points of Robert LaPointe (Lapointe,Magne & associés) in this undertaking was sustainability and true daylight harvesting.

Using Advanced Glazings Ltd’s SOLERA ® to get real Daylighting benefits, the SOLERA ® T-R5 was an essential tool used to wash the interiors with a cloud of perfect natural light, transforming the Wilder project into one of Canada’s most beautiful buildings.
Located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Espace danse has a unique history and relevance to modern sustainability and Upcycling (creative re-use) principles that may surprise you!

Originally built around 1918, the Wilder building was unoccupied for over 10 years, yet around 2012 a plan was envisioned for it to undergo major renovations and become an artistic hub bringing together many cultural organizations under one roof.

Determined to provide an international showcase for the incredible vitality of Montreal, Quebec and Canadian dance.

Espace danse has become the dance destination of choice in Montreal and Quebec, a complex unlike any other in Canada, offering a host of new services to dance professionals and the general public.

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